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stand tall you’ve so much to be proud of stand tall  and bold and brave and mighty and proud. don’t hide your scars (please don’t hide) but wear them proudly as you stand tall, tall, taller still reaching for who you were always meant to be,  climbing steps that wouldn’t be possible without those scars.  […]


just write: standing tall.

to all the wins and losses  that have filled your year,  to every burst of laughter  and every bitter tear.  to each mountaintop victory where the views took your breath away,  to the nights spent in the valley  where the darkness did the same.  you grew braver, you grew stronger  with every single one that […]


just write: 26.

think of last year of all it brought you.  the people you didn’t know the year before who you can’t survive without now.  the nights you got to dance through & the laughter you got to share & the places you went & the lips you kissed & the hope you felt & the things […]


just write: new year’s thoughts.

My Favorite Things I Discovered in August.

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