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I’m back from a week of vacation, and just going to be honest: I am BUMMED about having to go back to real life. My real life is great, buuuut I would 1000% rather be laying on the beach today instead. Plus, there’s just so much laundry to do after vacation. I was laying in […]

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On Doing it Anyway.

OCTOBER IS HERE! I’m so happy! Yesterday ushered us into the coziest, happiest three months of the whole wide year. So just a little note to say please please please don’t let these next few months rush past you in a wave of overwhelm. They tend to be the busiest months of the year for a lot […]

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Happy October!

What is it? Intentionally finishing the last 90 days of the year as strong as we tend to start off a new year. You do this by focusing on five things: Waking up an hour earlier, drinking half your body weight in water, move your body for 3o minutes each day, write down 5 things you’re […]

Pep Talks

The Last 90 Days: Why You Should do it & How I Modify it.

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