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Jack, I always imagine you reading these when you’re much older, so I will go ahead and be honest with you here: I had no idea Pre-K graduations were a thing. But I’m so glad they are, because this year totally deserves to be celebrated. You haven’t had a normal preschool experience. You started and […]

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Letters to Jack: Pre-K Graduation.

Jack, A week ago today, you woke up and were FIVE! I feel split down the middle. . .on one hand, of COURSE you’re five! Haven’t you always been with me?! On the other hand, HOW are you five? I swear it was just a few days ago that a doctor handed you to me, […]

Mom Life

Letters to Jack: F I V E.

shirt here // bralette here  I posted a little about this earlier, and while I love me some instagram, my heart lies in this little space of the internet where I can write and write and write and no character limit can stop me!   Some real life for you: I had an allergic reaction […]

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