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The biggest thing I have been learning (so far!) in 2019 is about filling my cup. There are things in life that fill your cup and there are things that don’t. There are people who fill your cup and there are people who don’t. When you put it that way, it should be easy, right? […]

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Fill That Cup!

I would just like you to know that, in the spirit of authenticity, I just poured myself my fourth cup of coffee while writing this. So we really are having a coffee date.  If we were having coffee, I’d tell you… …I got new bedding and it has changed my LIFEEE. Maybe a little dramatic, […]

Coffee Dates

Coffee Date: Four Cups In.

I’ve been thinking / reading / listening to a lot about storms lately. How they shape us, how they strengthen us. How they spit us out on the other side as warriors capable of way more than we thought we were. I love when people share their stories about their own life storms, about how […]


The Middle of The Storm.

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