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Good friendships are the best medicine. Around a year ago, I was at the beginning of a very difficult season of life. About the same time, I suddenly found myself with a circle of amazing friends. Some old, some new, but all there. One of the biggest ways I have seen God this year is […]

What I'm Learning

What April Taught Me.

Every month, I go through my phone pictures and round up the ones that haven’t found their way to the blog, or maybe aren’t “blog-worthy” to remind myself of how full my month really was. Part 4 of 2018 was full of Target trips with my best friend. . .  . . .Taking Jack to […]


Love You, 2018: Part Four.

Something I want to be in this year of my life is intentionally thankful. Sometimes thankfulness comes super easy, sometimes ya gotta sit down and force yourself to think of some things you’re thankful for. In both times, I want to be intentional about it.  So, this week, I’m thankful for. . . Friends who […]



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