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To make the most of your moments.  Life is such a weird and delicate balance of planning for the future and living in the moment. You can’t truly live in the moment all the time, otherwise, you’d spend all your money on something that made you happy right now and not be able to pay […]

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O N E || Philosophy Pore Extractor Mask. Guys. I have found the face mask to end all face masks. It is nothing short of straight-up wizardry.  I kept seeing ads for it, saying blackhead-free skin in TWO uses, so I was obviously intrigued. But Ulta was sold out, and they closed down my Sephora (BOOOO), […]


3 Things You Need to Know About.

While Mondays aren’t exactly my favorite day ever, I do love the fresh start they represent. A fresh week, a clean slate, a starting line. If I’m starting something new (a diet, a goal, a new schedule), you can bet I’m gonna wait until a Monday to do it.  Or until the first day of […]

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