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That going somewhere new will always shift my perspective. I can’t decide if I think that travel changes you or that it makes you more yourself. Either way, it shifts your perspective. My brother recently moved to Colorado and I visited him a few weeks ago, and let me tell you, when you’re outside, surrounded […]

What I'm Learning

What October Taught Me.

One of my closest friends has had a tough week, and I was sending her some pictures I thought would cheer her up. I put Parks & Rec quotes as the captions, because she loves and watches Parks & Rec more than anyone I know. In fact, if someone asked me to describe her, that […]

Pep Talks

There is Literally No One Else Like You.

Jack,  This is the second October I’ve gotten to spend with you, and it’s crazy how big the difference between the two is: Carrying you versus chasing you, up all night teething versus sleeping through the night (PRAISES), not getting to go to church versus….oh wait, you still won’t go to the nursery.  But both […]


Letters to Jack: Your Second October.

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