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four years & three cities & three apartments &  one house & one dog (fox?) &  one perfect baby & one messy, wonderful life.  When we got married four years ago today, I would have never imagined our life now. To be fair, I didn’t really know that residency was a thing when we got […]


Four Years.

Dear 2016,  I feel like I could make this very simple and just give a quick, “to hell with last year!“ and be done…but this:  and this:  and this:  So I can’t just write you off as some weird year that kind of sucked (although, I’ve gotta say, that seems to be the general consensus) […]


Dear 2016.

Welcome back to real life, friends! I hope you all had the merriest Christmas ever and that your post-Christmas blues aren’t too painful. Not to rub it in your face, but this picture is from yesterday. I spent the day after Christmas in an 85-degree paradise by the pool. If there’s one way to fix […]

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