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I usually don’t think too much about a month ending, but this month has been one that I’m going to remember forever. It was so full, and while I usually find myself wondering how the month went by so fast, it feels like it’s been years since March first. So goodbye, March.  Goodbye, Match Day. […]


Goodbye March, Hello April.

one of my new favorite pictures ever…my little brother bringing Jack to me right after we found out where we matched.  March has probably been the craziest month of my life so far-so many unknowns! I learned and grew so, so much this month. Here’s just a tiny snapshot of what March taught me: No […]

What I'm Learning

What March Taught Me.

I was reminiscing this week about the first year Christopher and I were married. We lived in a two bedroom apartment, which, in comparison to the studio we’ve been living in, seems huge. We used the second bedroom as an office and both had desks in there. His was clean and organized and professional, mine […]


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