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Goodbye, October.  Goodbye to only drinking the pumpkin spice latte. Goodbye, second-trimester. And to trying to convince myself that I should still be able to do everything I could do before I was pregnant. Goodbye, pumpkin parties and fall dates (although I’m secretly hoping that November brings along some fall dates, too). Goodbye to living apart […]


Goodbye October, Hello November.

The last week of October means fall dates and pumpkin patch visits!  First things first: I passed my glucose test! I do not have diabetes, nor do I have to stop eating copious amounts of sugar. Not that I’m doing that. No, you have a problem. I’ve been so excited that I’m due in January because […]


29 Weeks: Things I want to remember.

I can still picture it after all of this time, how you’d share with me your secrets as I would tell you mine. and we’d lay upon a rooftop trading secrets like playing cards as we stared into the sky hoping to see a shooting star.  I think of you sometimes, when a star is […]


just write: like playing cards.

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