Spending Your June: A To-Do List for Adventuring Through This Month.

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  1. love this! makes me so happy for the summer months and fun in the sun!

  2. I need to find out more about this GIF keyboard haha!

  3. Oooh homemade lemonade. YES.

  4. Cinnamon ice cream is on my July to do list! Does that count? I'm trying to cut a lot of crap out before vacation at the end of the month but July it's on.

  5. LOL at the bachelorette bracket hanging on the fridge in shame! Love this list šŸ˜€

  6. So many great things to do! Our month is a bit hectic as we are in the middle of moving overseas at the moment so I didn't make too large of a goals/bucket list for this month. But I'm definitely keeping some of these in mind for when I do my summertime bucket list! šŸ™‚

  7. I LOVE farmer's markets…so many great ideas! YAY Summer!

  8. Yes! We are doing a drive in movie theater this month, and plan on lots of s'mores, days at the beach, and no makeup. Great list!

  9. Oh my goodness I love the idea of a luau themed dinner party, that is so so cute! I also eat fruit non stop in the summer…it's so refreshing and inexpensive I don't want anything else.

    Thank you so much for featuring my challenge, you are so wonderful and thoughtful! xxoo!

  10. I love this list! I need to download the GIF keyboard like now!

    Thank you so much for featuring J'adore June!!

    Crumbs & Curls

  11. Ooooh, I love your list! I wrote a similar post on my blog a couple weeks ago, but yours is way more detailed and you know…better šŸ˜‰ Just discovered your blog and love it. Can't wait to follow along. XO – Samantha

  12. I am always up for a staycation. I made a new reading nook and i love sitting and reading all day. Best way to spend a day.

  13. Farmer's markets! I love those! Strawberries for dayssss.

  14. Eating a container of strawberries now and dreaming about a full day poolside! Unfortunately it's not quite June warm yet here in Illinois but we're getting there!!

  15. I want to do ALL of these things, thanks for the list!

    P.S. Thanks so much for entering the Summer Fun Giveaway, a chance to win $170. Good luck!

  16. Just wanted to let you know that after reading this I 'invested in a popsicle mold'! Also yummy juice. It's currently in the process of freezing. It's been YEARS since I made popsicles! Thanks for the fun 'to do' ideas this month!


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