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So, this goes down one of two ways. One: You actually like Halloween. You know you have plans. You think about your costume a few times, but hey, you’re busy. Then, somehow, it’s the day before Halloween. You think, “Hey, I should probably go by Party City on my way home from work!” You do, […]


Last Minute Halloween Costumes.

1. She gives you confidence to not care what other people say about you–and to maybe even tell them you don’t care. People were making fun of her for being a bad dancer. So what does she do? Releases a music video of herself dancing. Boom. She knows how to laugh at herself, and it’s […]


13 Reasons You Should be Listening to Taylor Swift Right Now.

1. This new blog design. Can we just talk about this for a second? I’m in love. It’s perfect. I’m never going to stop looking at it. Sarah is an absolute genius. 2. Photo adventures with Megan.  She was supposed to do a winter-themed photo shoot for a magazine, so we drove around the sunshine state and made […]


Why I’m Happy to be Alive This Week.

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