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via I can remember sitting in some sort of church service when I was really young and hearing a missionary talk about starvation across the world.  Hearing statistic after statistic about kids who die from starvation made me incredibly sad, and I remember lying in bed that night wondering what could be done about it, […]


Naivety & Cynicism: Finding a Balance.

23 years ago today, my favorite human being was born.  Happy birthday to my babe! 1.  I have someone to take these types of pictures with: And these types of pictures with:  2.  I get to wake up and see my best friend every morning.  Cliche?  Duh.  Absolutely true?  You bet.  And he brings me […]


Happy to be Alive, Because: You’re Mine For Life.

For me, writing comes in waves.  Some days I’m killing it–can’t get the words down fast enough, having to pause and jot down ideas on my phone because I’m having so many and I don’t want to forget them, absolutely killing it.  And then there will be weeks at a time where there’s just n […]


How To: Make the most of Your Writing Process.

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